Liked on YouTube: Cumulus Mountlite Review | BEST down jacket for backpacking? | Puffy Jacket Gear Test

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Find out all the details about my favorite down jacket: The Cumulus Mountlite down jacket. I have tested this ethically sourced down jacket from Poland during autumn in Sweden on the Kungsleden and the Hoga Kustenleden. In this gear review I tell you all the details you need to know before buying this lightweight jacket.

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Kungsleden video:
Hoga Kustenleden video: Coming soon


Our names are Deen & Alette and we are outdoor content creators who focus on hiking, gear and backpacking in Europe. Besides showing the beauty of Europe’s nature through photo- and videography, we also create gear related videos. We hope you get inspired to go outdoors yourself!


00:00 Intro
01:00 Specs
01:46 Features
02:36 The Brand Cumulus
03:07 Likes
03:41 Dislikes
03:49 Overall Conclusion

Camera: Sony A6600 :

Lens: SONY E 16-55MM F/2.8 G :

ND Filter: PolarPro VND 67 MM 2/5 Stops Mist Edition II Peter McKinnon

Drone: DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo

Sound: Rode Videomic Pro+

TriPod: Rollei Compact Traveler NO. 1 Carbon Black

GoPro Hero 8

Camera Clip:

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Liked on YouTube: Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT Set Up and Review – 4 season, 3 person SUV of a tent

The everything tent in the four season category. I hear people that ask for all the different options in a tent and then want the toughest, biggest smallest tent out there. The Nammatj accomplishes that.

The Nammatj 3 GT is the best choice for any three person outing in any condition where low weight is of equal importance to strength, reliability, and roominess.

THE NAMMATJ 3 GT is the master of both high and low country, equally suited for a high altitude expedition or a weekend walk in the local hills. This robust all-season, all-arounder pitches quickly and easily, can be taken down and moved in a flash, yet is far stronger and lighter than any other tent in its class.

Because of its superb weight to strength ratio and compact footprint, the Nammatj 3 GT has become immensely popular with extreme users, such as polar travelers looking to save weight, mountaineers doing remote routes in the highest ranges, professional guides, and military special forces teams. But these same characteristics are just as highly prized by more “regular” users, as well: backpackers, cycle and paddle tourers, and anyone needing maximum strength while reducing weight.

Minimum Weight 3.3 kg/7 lbs 4 oz
Packed Weight 4.0 kg/8 lbs 13 oz

Outer tent fabric Kerlon 1800

Poles (10 mm) 3 x 328 cm, 3 x 129.1 in

Pegs 22 Y-Peg

Tent Height 41 inches, 105 cm
Sleeping area width 63 inches, 160 cm
Sleeping area length 86 inches, 220cm
Vestibule length 72 inches, 185cm


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Liked on YouTube: NEXT LEVEL Combat Tips & Tricks You NEED to Know! | Horizon Forbidden West

All the advanced combat tips and tricks for Horizon Forbidden West you need to know! A good use for tripcasters! Advanced arrows fast reload! Instantly freeze any machine from stealth! Crazy arrow and shredder glitches! I’ve been collecting all these tips since Forbidden West launched in February 2022 and it’s time to reveal them all!

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⏱️Video Chapters⏱️
0:00 – Getting Started
0:47 – Instant/Fast Advanced Arrow Reload
1:36 – Reload While Sliding
2:09 – Concentration Jumps
4:17 – Overdraw Optimization
5:57 – Slide Dodge
6:21 – Craft While Knocked Down
6:50 – Smoke Bomb Tricks
7:48 – Lure Rockbreakers
8:05 – Avoid Plasma Blast Damage
9:38 – Focused Shot not Braced Shot
9:53 – Spike Trap Direct Hit
10:15 – Shredder Tips
11:10 – Shredders in Water Glitch
12:02 – Shredders on Ground Glitch
12:45 – High Volley Shallow Water Glitch
13:17 – Tripcaster Instant Freeze
14:13 – Super Stealth Strikethrough Arrows
14:44 – Wrapping Up

1st Song: You X You by Ooyy (Epidemic Sound)
2nd Song: Maharajah by Ava Low (Epidemic Sound)

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Liked on YouTube: MOVE MASTER – Its Finally Here!

MoveMaster Discord
MoveMaster Website

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Star Citizen aims to span multiple video game types by combining space trading, space combat and shooter elements, in a first person massively multiplayer online game. We cover the ongoing situation to keep you informed and up to day. As an early backer and tester, you need to be ready for its quirks but you can also witness the game evolve.

I am a FAN of Star Citizen and not affiliated with CIG. I am a FAN of Hardware and although some products are provided for review I remain unbiased. Contact me for business opportunities, corrections or retractions. Operated by „Noobifier Media“ INC. CDN-120508161

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Liked on YouTube: GoPro 12 vs DJI Action 4: Which Is Better?

Nolan shares his review on the GoPro Hero 12 vs. the DJI Osmo Action 4. Watch this review to determine which action camera is best for you!

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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 DJI Osmo Action 4 vs GoPro HERO 12
1:28 Price
1:39 Audio
2:30 Image quality
5:32 Wide Shots
6:06 Battery
6:50 Quick Release
7:38 Which Camera is Best for You?

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Liked on YouTube: 10 biggest world threats of 2024, ranked | Ian Bremmer

The United States is the biggest risk in 2024. Here are the other 9, explained by Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media.

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Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, has been delivering his insightful Top Risks Report for 15 years. The primary objective? To systematically outline how we should approach the world’s most significant threats and opportunities in any given year.

Bremmer’s Top Risks report stands in stark contrast to the clickbait and anger-inducing algorithmic news dominating social platforms. Rather than succumbing to sensationalism, the report serves as a rallying point for professionals and the wider public to focus on what truly matters for global success. It navigates the realm of reality, steering away from ideology and personal biases.

As we navigate the complexities of 2024, Bremmer says we find ourselves „in the teeth of a geopolitical recession, facing major wars and confrontations with no prospects for an effective response, containment, or useful diplomacy.“ Here, Bremmer presents his top 10 risks demanding our attention and preparation in the year 2024.

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Why a Top Risks report?
01:31 2024 is a geopolitical recession
03:45 #10 Risky business
05:07 #9 El Niño is back
07:03 #8 No room for error
09:05 #7 The fight for critical minerals
11:23 #6 No China recovery
12:52 #5 The axis of rouges
15:50 #4 Ungoverned AI
18:53 #3 Partitioned Ukraine
21:34 #2 Middle East on the brink
24:53 #1 The US vs. itself
28:55 The case for optimism in 2024


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About Ian Bremmer:

Ian Bremmer is president of GZERO Media and Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm started in 1998. Today, the company has offices in New York, Washington, and London, as well as a network of experts and resources around the world. Bremmer has authored several books, including the national bestseller The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?

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Liked on YouTube: Warum sprechen plötzlich alle Türkisch, Japanisch & so?! | HeyGen

Wieso kann plötzlich jeder Influencer alle Sprachen? Künstliche Intelligenz? Ja! Wie das funktioniert zeige ich euch im Video!
► Gönnt euch Adobe Acrobat 7-Zage-Testversion*:

0:00 Einführung & Anekdoten
2:20 Kossi kann Türkisch?
5:45 Das Geheimnis: HeyGen
6:58 Alle Einzelteile im Detail
9:27 Übersetzung ausprobiert
10:48 Streams & YouTube Videos ausprobiert
13:20 Fazit

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Inhalt & Schnitt Alex
Kamera: Stativ & Alex

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Liked on YouTube: Making an Infinite LEGO Domino Ring

A never ending (theoretically) domino ring, built using LEGO bricks. Turn on captions for some commentary on the build.

Building instructions:

1 hour live stream test:

The ring contains 64 dominos. A ramp runs along the inside of the ring, opposite the falling dominos, to lift them back up. A Mindstorms EV3 is used to monitor and control the speed of the ramp so that it matches the falling dominos.

0:00 Domino Design
1:09 Designing the Lift Mechanism
2:58 Building and Testing the Ring
4:55 Full Operation
5:42 Simplified Control Logic and Data Display
6:17 Demonstration and Stats

Shout out to @GrantDavis for his awesome infinite domino machine (, which inspired me to finally finish this project.

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#LEGO #domino #infinite






Sinatra mix by music by Taylor Galford

Liked on YouTube: Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Half-Life we reunited the original development team to share their memories of creating Valve’s first game.

Check out the Half-Life 25th Anniversary Update, restored content, new multiplayer maps, and a bunch of quality of life updates for the original game at

0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Early Days of Valve
8:29 – Technology & Scripted Sequences
17:06 – Character Design
30:14 – Creating the Opening Levels
37:09 – Weapon Design
39:46 – Sound Design
44:08 – Level Design
51:05 – Narrative & Voice Acting
57:48 – Xen
01:01:12 – Post Release

Produced for Valve by Secret Tape (
– Directed & Edited by: Danny O’Dwyer
– Filmed by: Joey Fameli, Danny O’Dwyer, Michael Lewington, Jeremy Jayne
– Colored by: Jeremy Jayne
– Gameplay Director: Frank Howley
– Motion Graphics – Dan Silverstone / Pica (
– Production Support: Jesse Guarascia
– Captions by Megan Carnes