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CubeStormer 3

Der neue Rekord: 3,253 Sekunden.

Isogawa Yoshihito: LEGO® Technic Snake

Making things simple is hard... great design!

LEGO® Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3D

LEGO® Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d from Francisco Prieto on Vimeo.

This masterpiece was created using 3DS max and V-ray. A very long work over 3 years, modelling all the pieces and rendering frame by frame according to Prieto. Amazing!

Incredible LEGO® Machine by akiyuky さんのチャンネル

Selbst für Nicht-Fans lohnen sich die sieben Minuten auf YouTube. Die Great Ball Contraption (GBC) mit 17 Modulen, 500 Bällen und über 600 Stunden Bauzeit.

CubeStormer II

This thing is really fast. CubeStormer II solves the Rubik's Cube puzzle faster than the human world record. Four LEGO® Mindstorms NXT sets and a Samsung Galaxy S II on Android do the work.


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